Sunday, June 23 Assignment

Read: Ch. 17 of The Franciscan Journey and “Francis and the Blessed Virgin Mary” by Susan Simeon SFO pgs. 1-16 in section 18 of the FUN manual.

Write:  Answers to questions in each of the readings.

Sunday, May 19 Assignment

Read: “St. Francis and His Approach to Divinity” by Bob Fitzsimmons in Section 13 of the FUN manual.  Also, read handout by Thaddee Matura, OFM, received at last session.

Write:  Answers to questions at the end of each of the readings.

For Review:  The Four Pillars

Four Pillars 05-11-19 PowerPoint

Sunday, April 28 Assignment

Read:  Ch. 18 and 19 of The Franciscan Journey.

Write:  Answers to questions at the end of each chapter.

Read:  Pages 12-16 of  The Rule of the SFO, by Teresa Baker in the FUN manual.  This is in section 11.  (You have read this chapter previously.  We will be focusing on just those five pages.  Please consider the reflection questions.)

Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 Assignment

Read:  Chapter 14 of The Franciscan Journey (pgs. 155-162).

Write:  Answer questions 1-7 on pages 162-163 from The Franciscan Journey.  Choose only three types of people from the list in question 1.  This chapter covers Rule 6 as well as Article 17 of the Constitution.  Both the Rule and the Article are included at the beginning of Chapter 14.

Read:  Pg. 3-17 FUN Manual-Franciscan Theology

01-27-19 PowerPoint

Sunday, Nov. 19, 2018

Reading assignment for Sunday, Nov. 19:  FUN Manual, Ch. 11, pp. 7-17

11-18-18 PowerPoint


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