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Fraternity Gathering On-Going Formation Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020

image.pngSaint Clare, Beyond the Legend by Marco Bartoli (OFS brothers)

Chapter 3 reflection questions for ongoing formation:

Question 1: “She always stayed in the house, hidden, not wanting to be seen publicly. She was honest, kind, and humbly kept herself from the staring of strangers.” When you were a teenager, were you outgoing or reserved in your interacting with others outside your home and family?

Question 2: The most typical attitude of an aristocratic lady was gentleness. Being a member of a “good family”, Clare was someone of courtesy and gentleness. This was a characteristic of the noble knights and ladies of the Italian courts. Clare was a courteous lady who graciously gave herself to the works of mercy and those actions did not undermine her social status. What underlies your reasons for being courteous and kind to others? How is your behavior with others a reflection of your family background? How much of your outreach to those in need can be attributed to just being a good neighbor as compared to acting as a follower of Christ?

Question 3: In Clare’s culture and time amongst aristocrats, marriage was a bond between two lines of nobility to maintain social status. Usually the woman had little choice of who she would be matched with. Being a Secular Franciscan or aspiring to be one, how does being Franciscan impact your vocation as a married person or a single person?

Question 4: Clare’s mother Ortulana before she was a widow and joined her daughter in a cloistered religious community, was bound by the bond of marriage and the care of her family. During that time she applied herself as much as possible to divine worship and to works of piety. She made pilgrimages to the Holy Land and various shrines in Italy, especially those related to St. Michael the Archangel. Were there particular adults in your youth who may have had a good influence on your developing religiosity? Share a little on what impact they had on you.

Fraternity Gathering On-Going Formation Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

image.pngSaint Clare, Beyond the Legend by Marco Bartoli (OFS brothers)


  1. If Clare is a “light in an enclosure”—both bright and humble—what are you? Make up a metaphor that describes yourself.  Why did you choose that? Are you happy with your description, or do you seek something else? HAVE FUN with this one!! … and don’t be afraid to laugh!!
  1. St Clare is both Luminous, and Modest. Is this a good combination of qualities in today’s world? How are we as Secular Franciscans, to be both luminous and modest in our daily lives?
  1. Biography of the Saints contain historical facts about the saint as well as theological interpretation— disclosing the spiritual side of the Saint.  Now consider your life—daily thoughts, words, and deeds. How do they reflect both an outward factual truth, as well as a spiritual reality? How will looking at yourself this way help in your formation and ongoing journey as a Franciscan?
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