Fraternity Gathering On-Going Formation Sunday, Sept. 26

image.pngSaint Clare, Beyond the Legend by Marco Bartoli (OFS brothers):  Introduction and Chapter 1

Discussion Questions:Introduction and chapter 1:

  1.   The author calls St. Clare a “woman between silence and memory” (p. xvii). How is silence and memory acknowledged in your own life?
  2. What do you already know of Francis and Clare?
  3. Thomas of Celano presented Clare as a saint even before her death (p. 2). What is the danger of this?
  4. Celano writes that Clare’s life was filled with the virtues of grace, enthusiastic love, wisdom, and humility. What virtues has the Holy Spirit given to you? What/whom do you love enthusiastically?
  5. What does poverty mean to you?
  6. At a recent Fraternal Gathering one of the brothers said that the best managerial advice he had ever been given is “when criticized become opaque (that is take the criticism and hold it into yourself) and when praised become translucent (that is let the praise redound to your co-workers). How is this a form of poverty?

Formation can be said to be a time when the story and the spirit of Francis and Clare will be handed on to you.  As you pray during this time, let the silence of your prayer allow you to remember Christ. For it is Christ who Clare and Francis lived for and to whom they point.

Questions by Fr. Steve Kluge, OFM

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