Padre Pio Fraternity

The Padre Pio Fraternity is sponsored by the brothers and sisters of St. Francis Region Secular Franciscan Order

Fraternity leadership is provided by our spiritual assistant and a council elected annually by the members of the fraternity.

Current council members are:

  • Victoria Romero, OFS, Minister
  • Lee Cunningham, OFS, Vice Minister
  • Louis Coker, OFS, Treasurer
  • Lynn Oeser, OFS, Formation Director
  • Michael Hancock, OFS, Secretary
  • Ellen Ferrone, OFS, Councilor
  • Suzie Nelson, OFS, Councilor
  • Maureen Copan, OFS, Councilor (appointed)

Prior Council Members
Padre Pio Fraternity Council Members - 2014

2014 | Left to right: Ida Irwin and Frank Peluso; treasurer, Sharon Winzeler; vice minister, Mike Evanuick; spiritual director, Father Doug Reed; minister, Stan Driscoll, secretary, Maureen Copan; formation director, Joanne Jacovec; and councilor, Suzie Nelson. Elected Sept. 28, 2014.

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