Padre Pio Fraternity

The Padre Pio Fraternity is sponsored by the Brothers and Sisters of St. Francis Region Secular Franciscan Order.

Fraternity leadership is provided by our spiritual assistant Fr. Steven Kluge, OFM, and a council elected annually by the members of the fraternity.

Council members for 2018-2021 are:

  • Victoria Romero, OFS, Minister
  • Lee Cunningham, OFS, Vice Minister
  • Louis Coker, OFS, Treasurer
  • Lynn Oeser, OFS, Formation Director
  • Michael Hancock, OFS, Secretary
  • Ellen Ferrone, OFS, Councilor
  • Suzie Nelson, OFS, Councilor
  • Maureen Copan, OFS, Councilor (appointed)
  • Father Steven Kluge, OFM, Spiritual Assistant

Prior Council Members
Padre Pio Fraternity Council Members - 2014

2014 | Left to right: Ida Irwin and Frank Peluso; treasurer, Sharon Winzeler; vice minister, Mike Evanuick; spiritual director, Father Doug Reed; minister, Stan Driscoll, secretary, Maureen Copan; formation director, Joanne Jacovec; and councilor, Suzie Nelson. Elected Sept. 28, 2014.

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