Session 3:  March 26, 2023

  1. READ:The Franciscan Journey, Chapter 5, pp. 45-56, and REFLECT (in Journals): p. 56-57 questions 1-8

      2.READ The Journey and the Dream, read pp. 1-92; ponder reflection questions at the end of each chapter, but no need to journal or discuss in class.

  1. READ(at this link): Elements of Ecclesiology and Theology of the Lay
  2. Optional but highly recommended—Read:

Lumen Gentium

Session 2:  Feb. 26, 2023

I. Reflections from First Session and Gathering

Please reflect, in your notebook, on the following, and be prepared to discuss in Formation class.

1. Last session, you experienced the Rite of Extraction, and received the name of a Franciscan Saint (if you did not get one, please let us know). After reading about your saint (online), explain what (based on whatever current understanding you may have), makes him or her Franciscan, in your opinion? What are the key Franciscan qualities this particular saint exhibited? Which of these do you need to foster more in your life, and explain how you can do this?

2. What fears/concerns do you have as you enter Formation? What hopes do you have?

3. What does discernment mean to you? What does the discernment process look like to you, what will you do to make it an effective process, and where will you find strength and help as you move forward?

II. Franciscan Journey (Spiral-Bound little OFS Textbook)

READ Chapter 1: “Orientation in the OFS” and Reflect in your notebooks on questions # 1-5 on pp 6-7 (at the end of the Chapter).

SKIM Chapter 2 (“Three Orders”) briefly (much of it was already provided in the first session handout). No reflection questions in this Chapter.

Jan. 22, 2023

Welcome to orientation in the Secular Franciscan Order.


Session 6: March 2022

Chap. 3 of the Franciscan Journey, Catholic Doctrine, pp 28-32, questions 8-10

Journey and the Dream, pp 155-191; Read.  basic-catholic-doctrine

Session 5:  Feb. 27, 2022


Chap. 3 of the Franciscan Journey, Francis, Clare, pp. 21-27, questions 1-6

Journey and the Dream, pp 124-154; Elements of Ecclesiology and Theology of the Lay (FUN)

Session 4:  January 23, 2022


Chap. 2 of the Franciscan Journey, Discernment, pp 14-18, questions 6,7, 9, 10 (discuss 8)

Journey and the Dream, pp. 93-123; Lumen Gentium, Chap. 4

Session 3:  November 21, 2021


1. The Franciscan Journey, Chapter 5, read pp. 45-56, p. 56-57 questions 1-8
2.The Journey and the Dream, read pp. 62-92

Session 2:  October 23, 2021


1.  The Franciscan Journey; Chapter 1, Questions 1, 6, 7, 9, and 10 on p. 19.

2.  Read pages 31-61 in The Journey and the Dream.

3.  Print or have a digital copy of the Pathway to Profession.

Optional readings

What is Formation?

The Franciscan Family

Session 1:  September 26, 2021

  1. *The Franciscan Journey: Chapter 1,  Orientation in the SFO  Questions 1-6 pages 6-7
  2. Supplemental readings for Chapter 1 The Franciscan Journey :

God Is Love  – Benedict XVI  Read Paragraph 19: Franciscan Prayer-Ilia delio Page 109:  Francis of Assisi- The Saint volume 1 Page 41 42https://d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net/11001/documents/2019/12/Journey_Chapter%201.pdf3.    *Prayer https://secularfranciscansusa.org/wp-content/uploads/Come-and-See-Digest-Prayer.pdf

Pathway to Profession document


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