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April 2020 Prayer:

Feb 2020 Franciscan Image of Christ:

Jan 2020 Francis:

February  – Interviews continue.   Living the Charism: Eucharistic life, Poverty, Humility, Simplicity, Obedience, Chastity

January –  General information : Call and Requirements- interviews.

Digests  From  Pre Orientation sessions

Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020

Second Encounter – Come and See follow up Feb 23, 2020, 11 a.m. Library at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.
The session is from 11-12.
We bring a bag lunch and share fellowship from 12-1.
At 1 p.m. we join the Professed for their monthly gathering.
*Please review the questions for discussion:
What thoughts do you have on Call?
*Please read and meditate on Matt 4:12-23.
Ask yourself: What Conversion of mind, heart, and life is the Lord asking of me?
* Read the Digest: Francis of Assisi: Spiritual Father and Guide 
What inspired you?
Was anything hard to relate to?
What draws you to St. Francis?
Any other thoughts?
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